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Tiffany Nicole is Reminding Us All to Contemplate Our Desires in Her 2019 Art Exhibit, ‘The Garden of Needin’

Tiffany Nicole is Reminding Us All to Contemplate Our Desires in Her 2019 Art Exhibit, ‘The Garden of Needin’

Tiffany Nicole is currently apart of the digital team at BET. She’s an on air host, video producer, painter, photographer, and all around artiste you should get to know. 

From July 12- July 14th, Tiffany Nicole is reminding us all to contemplate our desires with her 2019 multimedia art exhibit, “The Garden of Needin’”. In a society where we consume media so heavily, when do we stop to think about what influences our needs? The exhibit is a combination of paintings and sculptures that speak to a rather largely unspoken but known result of our societal investment and overconsumption of media.

She brings 90s themes, afro-futurism, affirmations and a slight vibe of Frank Ocean’s 2012 album “Channel Orange” into one space, turning a societal condition into a reflection of self. In a brief interview, Tiffany Nicole tells us who inspires her, what drives her and speaks on motivation and maintaining consistency.


1. What was going through your mind when this concept was first developed?

So basically what the theme of this space is- Its supposed to be a physical manifestation of our desires. So, today it’s so easy to get caught up in social media and you know, materialistic wants and desires and things that you think you need. So that’s why I came up with the idea to do the “Garden of Needin” vs “The Garden of Eden”. There’s materialistic things that we think we need vs what we actually need. So, in my head, if our materialistic desires were seeds and they grew into plants, that’s what you would see physically manifested in this space. 

2. When it comes to your artwork, you make a point of emphasizing the importance of combining the real and the “unimaginable” and just from being in the presence of your work I can see that Blackness holds a great influence here. Can you speak on this a little?

Oh Blackness is all up and through my art! Blackness is all up and through my art! Because what I think, how I think, how I feel when I walk out my door, and when I look in the mirror, there is no way I can escape my blackness- that is me, that is who I am, I embody it 100%. So when I project the way I feel and I express myself creatively I have no choice but to put that into my work. 

I like to combine things that don’t necessarily go together. I like it to be things that you can’t ideate on your own but if you can’t think of it I want to be able to express it in my work.  

3. Who are your creative influences?

Oh I love Tyler the Creator, I love Childish Gambino I love Solange. I love Jamie Fox, I like to follow people that are multi-talented and not afraid to go after each talent with everything that they got. Jamie Fox is the perfect example of that. He acts, he sings, he’s a comedian and he’s damn good at every single one of them. 

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4. You are becoming a vet in this industry- but I wonder when did you decide it was time to start branding yourself? 

It was a very conscious decision. I think I made that decision back in like, it was either 2015 or 2016 and it just happened from a conversation with my best friend. We were just talking on some regular stuff like, “you know what, we do so much dope stuff” — but in order to share it you have to have a brand. I consciously made a decision that everything I do from now on is going to be intentional. If I want to share my art with the world, I have to be intentional with the way I go about it, about everything. From my instagram posts, to the way I talk to people on the street- it’s going to be apart how I want people to view me moving forward.

       4B. What were some of the challenges in that? 

Consistency. Sometimes it’s real hard to stay consistent you know. There’s days where you wake up and you don’t wanna work you just wanna chill and you don’t feel like painting, but then in your head it’s like, “I got this art show I wanna do in 6 months, I can’t afford not to work today” especially when it’s something you are doing on your own accord this not something that anybody’s making you do. So, you have to hold yourself accountable to get the job done.

On air BET talent Tiffany Nicole sells painting at gallery show
5. What are 3 mantras that have helped you make your way in this industry what would they be? Words that keep you going?

I would say, number one, f*ck fear! Do not be afraid to do anything. If you are afraid of doing something, then that’s what you need to be doing the most! Number two, stay consistent –you owe it to yourself. Nobody is gonna push you to accomplish your goals. Number three, don’t be afraid of rejection. You’re going to get rejected every which way, but those are nothing but obstacles you face, on the way to your goals. Once you get over fearing rejection, eventually you going to get that yes, and it might just be the yes you needed.

Make sure you follow Tiffany Nicole @tiffycrazycool. 

Interview and article conducted by Sade Ogunjimi


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