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Pottstown’s Own FSG Rell Talks New Music, Reaching 150,000 Streams, & More

Pottstown’s Own FSG Rell Talks New Music, Reaching 150,000 Streams, & More

Up and coming artist FSG Rell understands what it is to hone in on his craft as an artist. After all, his latest single “Gucci Prada Fendi” garnered over 150,000 streams and counting. 

Straight from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Rell offers the latest addition to his music catalog, “Ambition Over Fear: The Mixtape.” Set to release May 30th, the project features verses from underground artists like Dahlia, Mec, Frank with Da Grippaz, and Tae Mugga

His thirteen track list incorporates 1. Ambition Over Fear 2. Rippin n Runnin 3. Spaceship 4. Fed Up Feat. Dahlia 5. Fuck a Grammy 6. Birkin Bag 7. Interview w/ Retro 8. Only Us Feat. Mec 9. Baggin Up 10. Awesome 11. Diamonds 12. Streets 13. Hard Times Feat. Frank with Da Grippaz & Tae Mugga

While we wait for the highly anticipated project, stream “Gucci Prada & Fendi.”

Congratulations on dropping a new project! What emotions are running through you right now?

Thank you I appreciate it. I’m very upbeat and excited right now. I know all the hard work that I put into this project will pay off. Dropping a project is like having a 2nd birthday when it drops with all the love I receive.

Before we get into this new body of work, for those who may not be familiar with your brand, introduce yourself. Tell us where you’re from and what your music is about.

I’m FSG Rell, from Pottstown, PA. Which is only about 40 minutes from Philadelphia. Pottstown is like any other area just a lot smaller. My music is about going through life, experiencing love and certain situations that I’ve been put through in my 21 years. Ambition Over Fear covers everything.

On a scale of 1-10, how easy (1) or hard (10) was it for you to bring this project to life? What was the process like?

Bringing this project to life on a scale of 1-10 difficulty it would be a 3. I was shuffling through the songs for this project and I could tell which song belonged. The process of getting Ambition Over Fear together was smooth sailing. As I said before I had the tracks already preset in a playlist that these where the songs I wanted to release. Then I looked at which ones made the most sense to make singles. After I do that I work on getting the visuals done for these singles or making arrangements for them to be done before I release the project or soon after.

In the meantime I work on the track list. I listen to the songs over a thousand times in all different ways until I get all of the tracks coming after one another smoothly. I want it so that when you’re listening and the next song comes it transitions well. It has to be a good balance of rap and melody for me to go through with a track list. The only difficult part about this project was picking the features and bringing them to fruition.

How did you decide what records stayed, and got left behind; at least until further notice?

The way I decide what records stayed and what records didn’t make is that I categorize all of them into 3 separate tiers. I had over 60 songs recorded. Their was tier 1 which meant they were all top quality songs. Tier 2 was for the songs that are decent and tier 3 was for songs that were average. So whatever tier it’s in, that’s how I narrow everything down. I released all of tier 3 so I had tier 1 & 2 to work with. None of the records got cut but I did shuffle a lot of them changing the order multiple times. 

To feature other artists on your project is to really appreciate their craft. What about these specific individuals made you decide to collaborate with them?

Since Ambition Over Fear is a really strong title, I wanted to work with people who put their dreams and ambitions over their fear. I do a lot of research on artists before I collaborate with them. The features on my project are Dahlia Marie, Mec, Frank Wit Da Grippaz & TakeRisk Mugga. All of these artists are hard workers, they all have unique talent and are most importantly, good people. 

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Is there anything we can expect in the future? I know you’re releasing two visuals in June, is there anything you can tell us about them?

The future holds a lot of success. Get used to the name and face. The two visuals I’m releasing are to my singles “Baggin’ Up” & “Only Us”. The Baggin Up video is a story line about a specific experience from when I was in the streets. Only Us is featuring Mec, this video is more of a free flow visual with dope locations. There are definitely some silly moments to be shared in this visual. This specific project I made it a point to step up my game with visuals with new top notch production.

You’ve been able to really take advantage of streaming services. Reaching over 150,000 streams and COUNTING! What advice would you give to those looking to take their numbers to the next level?

The advice I would give is to promote every chance you get. Be strategic about when you release music and never skip a step. To reach any type of success there’s always a process you have to go through. If you can get a team of people that believe in you stick with them. Without the help of my team that wouldn’t of been possible. 

What are you looking forward to, as you continue to release new music and advance in your music career?

I’m looking forward to performing every other day, I’m looking forward to the late nights in the studio, to creating music that people can share their energy with. Also, I’m looking forward to all the new people I’m going to meet and also the different things music will open up for me. I’m ready for the future, I’m ready for it all. 

Be sure to stream FSG Rell’s “Ambition Over Fear” mixtape, dropping on May 30th. 

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