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Mike Two Talks Speaking Things Into The Universe & His Most Recent Project ‘Breakfast in Santa Monica’

Mike Two Talks Speaking Things Into The Universe & His Most Recent Project ‘Breakfast in Santa Monica’

Roc Nation's Mike Two interviews with Industry News Mag

Putting positive affirmations into the universe is something that is very important to Mike Two. He truly believes that manifestation is as simple as believing in yourself and shooting for the highest goals, while doing the leg work to achieve them. His latest project Breakfast in Santa Monica reflects that.

Industry News Magazine had the chance to talk to him about his artistry as a rapper and much more.

Read below for the full interview 

You wanted to start music when you were younger, but growing up in the place that you did made it almost impossible. What inspired you to really get focused into your music? 

The main thing was, I looked at it as an out; an out to get out of that environment number 1. It was a good place at the time and circumstance, it was kind of like having the ability to take those feelings and those thoughts, and being able to put it down and get it out in the open. 

How has music challenged you as a person? Do you find it difficult to juggle certain things and your career together? 

Certain stuff, I just had a daughter 11 months ago, so that’s obviously taking up a big part of my time, because at the end of the day the number one goal is to be the best father that I can be. Outside of that it’s not really much, I have the ability to record at home so it definitely takes a lot off my plate. 

Being that you’re from the east coast, what inspired you to name your project “Breakfast in Santa Monica”? 

My first project was Thoughts of A Beautiful Dream, after that, I wanted to do something next. I’m not big with making songs just for the sake of making songs. I wanted to find out what that feeling was.

When I was in LA, we were shooting a video for my homie Koncept. We were away strictly on music, on business. It was based off of the work that we did. We were out there in the hills, you know we were really experiencing LA. For whatever reason, there was a feeling I just had out there that I just wanted to harness and turn that into a sound. 

We had that conversation like wow, coming from 235 B, I grew up in Staten Island. Coming from that environment to being in Santa Monica and hanging out on the beach. We literally had these conversations over breakfast. 

You said that you’re putting into the universe that you’re gonna write for Beyoncé one day, why do you want to write for Beyoncé specifically?

I love being a writer, I love it just as much as being an artist, it’s a big part of my brand. I think that if you’re gonna shoot for that, you know you’re gonna go for the Queen. I don’t want to settle for like the 8th best artist, you know that always cool but you want the Queen if anything you know? Between her and Rihanna, those are the two greats right now. 

I remember Kanye saying he always wanted to write for Janet Jackson, and he got that opportunity. So if I’m gonna put it into the universe, I’m gonna put the highest trophy in the universe I can put there . 

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Did getting your distribution through Roc Nation make you feel a step closer to that? 

Yeah because we’re in the same building. Krystian Santini who gave me my deal is their A&R. So having that relationship is very good, it’s just a matter of being able to put the work in. I’m really confident that’s gonna happen. 

It’s amazing to see you put things into the universe, and you’re seeing it happen as you go through your career. 

Absolutely, I put this into the universe before it was even an option. Fast forward and it’s there! I’m a firm believer of keeping that energy and that vibe . 

What’s the biggest message that you want people to leave with after listening to Breakfast in Santa Monica ?

That thoughts become things. I feel like I’m not more special than anybody else, as far as ability. I think a lot of people have talent, I just think that I outwork people and I’m willing to put in that extra work.

With that being said, listen to Breakfast in Santa Monica, and let us know what you think.

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