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Kanye West “Jesus Is King” IMAX Film Takes Viewers To Sunday Service

Kanye West “Jesus Is King” IMAX Film Takes Viewers To Sunday Service

Kanye West's Jesus is King is Available in MAX theaters Worldwide

Kanye West makes his debut appearance on the big screen with the premiere of his 35-minute-long IMAX film, “Jesus Is King,”; released alongside the album.

Directed by Nick Knight, fans get an inside look at Kanye’s infamous Sunday service, which couldn’t take place without the voices of his pop-up choir; a video that continues to trend all over social media.

Since the film’s release, IMAX box offices have already collected 1.03 million dollars. Many critics are saying that the film lacks in length and offers little commentary from West himself. But what is most interesting about the film? It’s the storyline, visuals, and setting.


The film opens with a pitch-black screen and soulful hymns from the choir. A circular object comes into the frame and minimizes; while the camera places the audience above the sky and forces them to look down into the Roden Crater, located in Roden Crater, Arizona.

Fans get a close look at architectural landmark in Roden Crater, Arizona, a creation by James Turrell. It gives a much anticipated aesthetic of “heaven on earth.” In case you didn’t know, Turrell started building the monument back in 1977, and it will soon be open to the public within the next few years.

Throughout the film, the scenes continue to highlight the simplistic beauty of outdoor nature and offer intimate footage of the artist holding his son, Psalm West. Other segments showcase the gospel singers falling to their knees and embracing each other. The choir members are all dressed in earthly brown Yeezy outfits that also compliment their skin tones.

Ending Remarks

Though the artist does not speak directly to the audience during the entire film, West was seen sweeping the floor before his performance of “Street Lights,” a track that can be found on his 2008 album, ‘808’s & Heartbreak’.

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Though, ‘Jesus Is King’ leaves us with an abrupt ending (thirsting for more holy water), viewers are upset about the non-traditional storyline West and Knight chose for this film. However, the visuals were impressive to most.

The non-conventional musical collection includes 13 songs that include classic gospel hits and West’s latest songs from the album. The movie debuted in 21 cities around the globe this week.

Have you watched the film yet? Let us know what you think!

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