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If You’re Thinking of Traveling to Hong Kong, Here’s a Few Things You Should Know

If You’re Thinking of Traveling to Hong Kong, Here’s a Few Things You Should Know

Kadijat Salawudeen in Hong Kong via Industry News Magazine

Getting the opportunity to indulge and experience a new culture for the month of July was a dream come true.

If you prefer not to sweat during the summer break, taking a trip to Hong Kong (HK) may not be the best decision for you. However, if you’re willing to open your mind and adjust to the people and time zone, (despite the extremely hot weather), you’ve found yourself a new destination for your next vacation.

Let’s talk about the food …

I was sure that I was going to be thirty pounds lighter by the end of the trip, on arrival day. I tried a new dish at a vegetarian spot that mimicked pork buns, spring rolls, eggplants, soup, and much more culturally shocking food.

Soup, Eggplant, Spring Rolls, Pork Buns in Hong Kong for Industry News Magazine

As you can imagine, I didn’t lose the thirty pounds I expected to. Rice, pasta, and bread quickly became the base food for every meal I ate. Listen, if you don’t learn anything else from this quick overview, here’s a piece of advice — stay away from all MEATS in HK. The most you should eat is fish!

Other delicacies you should try…

  1. Egg Tart
  2. Shake Fries from McDonalds
  3. Fish & Chips
Let’s talk about transportation

octopus card from Hong Kong for Industry News Magazine

The HK subway, called MTR, was one of the cleanest stations I’ve seen since my trip to London. It was visually spotless and all the maps are color coded for an easier travel.

Paying to get on the train

What NYC calls a ‘Metro-card’ is the equivalent to an ‘Octopus Card’ (pictured above) in HK. Individuals are only allowed to refill in increments of $50 HK (roughly $7 U.S) and there’s absolutely no room to jump turnstiles.

You are required to tap your card to board the train. And at this point, no money is taken out, until you’ve reached the end of your trip. You tap your card once more to exit, and will now be charged based on how far you’ve traveled.

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Last Day Chronicles ….

For my last day in Hong Kong, a co worker by the name of Adam and I traveled all the way to ‘Sham Shui Po’ to deliver food to ’Food Angels,’ an organization providing food to the less fortunate. This day turned out to be THE best because the manager initially thought that Adam and I came to volunteer. That was not the case! We were really just trying to do a good deed by delivering food.

So there we were in a full kitchen outfit, sealing and packaging food for those who needed it most!

Kadijat Salawudeen in Hong Kong via Industry News Magazine


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