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Diamonds Can Symbolize Various Things in Goody’s Recent Single ‘Diamonds/45k’

Diamonds Can Symbolize Various Things in Goody’s Recent Single ‘Diamonds/45k’

Diamonds/45k by Goody is one of those tunes that you can vibe out to anytime, and any place. Feeling good? Listen to this song. Feeling angry? Listen to this song. It’s one of those songs that when you hear it, you feel untouchable and unbothered.

This single was released this summer, and it’s definitely the perfect tune for those summer nights, any night honestly, doesn’t matter the season. The nights you feel careless and free. It’s made for specifically that, not too serious or conscious, but just to celebrate life and what comes with it.

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The song talks about how far the artist has come in life, and what all the new success has brought him. He talks about how these things are coming in abundance because of his consistent work ethic. 

“Diamonds, shining. Feel like it’s perfect timing. I know that they hate it, I know they can’t stand it, they’re throwing fits like they’re childish,”. The artist is indicating that his success has come at the perfect timing, and people that are watching him from afar are envious because they don’t possess what he possesses, basically he’s on a way higher level than them now. 

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Although the artist is talking about actual diamonds in this song, diamonds can symbolize anything that you want it to be. Diamonds could be graduating from college, starting that business that you’ve been dreaming of, finally passing that test, getting that job, etc. Use this song to embrace yourself and your accomplishments, because hard work was put in to earn it.


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