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Contemporary R&B Singer Skye Verbs Drops ‘Hit Right’ Single & Talks New Music

Contemporary R&B Singer Skye Verbs Drops ‘Hit Right’ Single & Talks New Music

R&B singer songwriter speaks with Industry news magazine about her 'Hit Right' single

RNB singer and songwriter Skye Verbs is giving fans a reason to dance with the release of her latest song ‘Hit Right.’ 

In exactly 3 minutes and 21 seconds, the Contemporary R&B artist proves the importance of being the best version of yourself and enjoying the highs life has to offer. With a relaxed, but control beat to accompany the fiery lyrics, the song captures the idea of owning what you have in the world.

Don’t give a sugar honey ice tea if you fuck with me, life can hand me lemons and I’ma still make them sweet.

Is probably one of my favorite lines. It means that even when life hits you, all you can do is move forward. It’s such a positive and liberating message, which is exactly what the singer intended to do. 


When asked where the inspiration to write ‘Hit Right’ came from, Verbs told Industry News Magazine it was a process. 

“I was asked one day, ‘you write a lot of music for a lot of people who are hurting or trying to heal or going through something, but what about the people that aren’t and are just living in the moment and are happy? What do you have to offer for those people?” And “they were right!” she admitted. It was a “self realization” moment for her as she rarely took the time to sit and be thankful for everything she’s worked so hard for. 

“You know the New York City hustle, you just push, push, push and hustle and you forget that the goals you were striving for last year, were already accomplished this year. We’re so focused on looking for the next thing and don’t really takethe time to sit and process — to be thankful and be grateful and just be proud of yourself. So I wrote ‘Hit Right’ for those moments.”

With that being said, the song is definitely a dance vibe and Verbs enjoys playing the single at cookouts and house parties. It has great energy and gives a positive message, which is the “very purpose of hip hop.”

Skye Verbs speaks with Industry News Magazine

Verbs is clearly very passionate about writing and performing her music. Before she could walk, the Connecticut native remembers living with her parents and having a decorative piano in the living room. She would crawl up to the piano, bang out some keys, while singing her favorite notes. When she was old enough to walk, her parents agreed that it was time to get her music lessons.

Being classically trained since fifth grade, it was in middle school that she discovered Hip Hop, R&B, and Soul music. She was later introduced to 90s hip hop, jazz, sampling and the production of music by her middle school friends. Being exposed to the different genres made Verbs realize what type of music she connected to the most. She made a transition into jazz piano and full R&B vocal, and soon began writing and recording, with the influence of her favorite artists Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan.


Though her high school didn’t offer a music program, she decided to enroll in summer courses at Berklee College of Music.  She later attended college where she majored in Music Industry and minored in Performance. While at Berklee, she landed a life changing internship at Def Jam.

Verbs’ mentor placed her in a room filled with managers that would best fit her sound. She met Mario, who seemed to be the only individual to have read all her lyric videos. He was really focused on making sure all her videos and records have a “strong thoughtful intent.” Til this day, he is still her manager.

26 years of this, I can’t remember a life without music.

Skye Verbs talks with Industry News Magazine

Starting with stage fright in the beginning of her music career and getting over it because of National Anthem school performances, she now calls the stage her “home”. The context behind her body of songs are different and she’s no longer telling anyone else’s stories. 

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Verbs tells us about how her friends make fun of her for making “everything is so poetic.” 

“I find beauty in the little and big moments. I think it comes from a higher place, like the way my mind processes thought is where I draw my inspiration from.”

Finding the beauty in moments and putting that emotion into songs, as well as pulling inspiration from the not so glamorous moments in life is what she loves the most. “I write about things that aren’t so positive and a little painful so that I can flip it into something beautiful. That helps me feel it because if you don’t feel through something you can’t heal through something.”


Skye Verbs is undoubtedly soulful and purposefully driven. She says her goal is to “connect to as many people as possible to help bring out their most authentic self.” She continues to express her brand through her many artistic outlets, whether it’s her social media posts, art work, or lyrics.

While asking about any new and upcoming projects, she revealed that she’ll be releasing another album titled “The F Word” during the Fall/Winter season. “It’s going to be different from my last body of work, but still very authentic” she says enthusiastically.

Until then, catch Skye Verbs at her next show on August 28 at the Bowery Electric in the Lower East Side of New York. Tickets are $15-$20 for those who are 21+.



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