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5 Ways to Spend the Night with Your Girlfriends

5 Ways to Spend the Night with Your Girlfriends

Days can be very busy with work, school, meetings, fitness (if that’s your thing), running errands, and general life. It’s important to take a minute and make plans up those who bring peace along with fun in your life; aka, your amigas. 

We’ve created a solid list of ideas for you and your girlfriends to do on a night when you’re all ready to get loose and have fun. So call up your girls and prepare yourselves for a good night. 

1. Self Care Night

Staying in is probably something everyone enjoys doing, especially after having a super busy week. What’s even better than staying in by yourself is inviting some of your close girlfriends over to relax with you. Creating homemade face masks, catching up over tea, and ordering dinner in is something anyone can enjoy. 

2. Movie Night

Adding onto the staying home idea, hosting a movie night can be another great way to get together with your girlfriends. Make a list of films that you all love or haven’t seen before, get some popcorn and run a movie marathon. 

3. Go Out to a Bar

Cutting loose will be a great time for you all to bond, have some great booze and do something fun. But do make sure you go to a bar that plays all the best hits; you and your friends will be guaranteed an even better time with good music playing wherever you’re at. 

4. Night Out in the City

If you’re in the city, the options are endless. Whether you and the girls are planning to watch a concert or play, bar hop, experience a new restaurant, or walk around the shops, there is always something guaranteed for you to do. 

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5. Take a Cooking Class

What better way to spend a night out with your girls than to take a cooking class together. If you all know how to cook or not, taking a class is a great way to bond, do something fun and interactive, and eat.


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